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  • Expert:Jin Guang

    time:2019-07-23 Jin guang, male, born in August 1963. Graduated from China textile university, department of textile engineering. senior engineer . a member ...[View detailed]
  • Expert: Jifu Peng

    time:2017-06-05 Jifu Peng, Male, born in August, 1964. Current Position: Chief advisor for the Science and Technology Advisory Department of Chinese Associat...[View detailed]
  • Expert: Binlin Shi

    time:2017-06-05 Shi, Binlin,Male Education Dec. 2014Dec. 2015 McGill University, Canada Major: Animal Nutrition Study as a visiting scholar Apr. 2008Oct. 2...[View detailed]
  • Expert: Dongsheng He

    time:2017-06-05 Dongsheng He,Ph D., Postdoctoral Researcher in US. Professor in South China Agricultural University(SCAU). Chief scientist of swine disease...[View detailed]
  • Expert: Junzhu Li

    time:2017-06-05 Junzhu Li,Male,boin in January,1962. Current Position: General manager, chief pig expert, trainer Educational Background: Jinzhou Veterinary ...[View detailed]
  • Expert: Qingsen Chen/ Terry Chen

    time:2017-03-17 Senior Animal Geneticist Ph.D of Swine Genetics Chief Director of Genetics Yangxiang Group.Ltd Guigang, Guangxi, P.R. China, 537100 Ph: (86) ...[View detailed]
  • Expert:Paul Littlefair BA HonFCOT FRSB

    time:2017-03-16 Paul Littlefair graduated in modern Chinese studies from Leeds University (1984). He studied and worked in both China and Japan before in 199...[View detailed]
  • Tongsu Ren

    time:2017-01-18 Director of Jiangsu Donghai State Swine Farm. Ren is the vice president of ICCAW. She organized many promotionactivities for animal welfare a...[View detailed]
  • Xiqing Wan

    time:2017-01-18 President of Beijing Qingquanwan Pig-breeding Ltd. Wan is the vice president of ICCAW. His company was awarded the Good PigAward for pig-bree...[View detailed]
  • Kaifeng Zhou

    time:2017-01-18 Secretary General of the Branch Association of Pig Production andMarketing,the Association of Animal Husbandry. Zhou is a member of ICCAW Exp...[View detailed]
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