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 The communication platform: We had the international forum of Animal welfare and livestock products security every year, in the meantime, we’ll depending upon the situation to organize the specific meeting of cattle and sheep’s welfare for the communication and cooperation of member units.

Publicity for member units: We’ll publish the company introduction and extensive interviewing and reporting articles for member units on our website, microblogging platform and internal publication to energetically promote their business.

Exchanges of information: Provide the marketing, purchasing and recruitment information by our traditional and new media.

International award selection: Our committee is the Chinese partner and executive unit of pigs, cattle, sheep and chickens series Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards by CIWF (Compassion In World Farming), and select eligible feeding enterprises to help them to achieve the goals of going global.

International animal welfare demonstration farm projects: Our committee had cooperated with WPA (World Animal Protection) and CIWF respectively, to select qualified farms in China and further innovating and promoting to make them the world-class demonstration farms. 

Cooperation on international research projects: Our committee occasionally has projects with EU and North American countries. By then we’ll choose qualified member companies to participate.

Cross-border Exchange and Study opportunities: We have opportunities every year to visiting and learning overseas farms, and that can satisfy member companies’ requirement of broaden the outlook.

Expert service: Our committee gathered over 150 top farms animal experts that can provide efficient and professional services to our member companies.

The exhibition displays services: With Exhibitions, our committee can provides exhibition service for the animal welfare products, facilities, feed, veterinary drugs, etc. from member companies, and that would provide customers from user experience to sales service by member companies.

Business matching services for manufacturers and distributors: Our committee has a good communication and cooperation with well-known domestic electric commercial enterprises, network operators and marketing companies that can help the feeding enterprises realize the effective joint with the final markets.

Energy conservation and environmental protection services: Our committee with many Green-tech enterprises to concentrate on the application for new resource of farms and livestock housing, the development of smart farms and energy conservation, the construction of environmental protection to help the farms increase profits margins.

Legal services: As requested by member companies, we can arrange applicable law office; provides daily legal affairs advisory services; filed the lawsuit or arbitration; handling non-litigation matters, including company listing, acquisitions, investment and financing and etc.
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