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Swine Welfare Session: Sharing on Efficient Pig Farming

Release time:2018-12-06

      On October 24-25th 2018, the Second World Conference on Farm Animal Welfare, jointly hosted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and China Association for the Promotion of International Agricultural Cooperation, takes place in Beijing.
Swine Welfare Session

Swine Welfare Session, jointly hosted by National Pork Board and U.S. Meat Export Federation, is held in the morning of October 25th.
Joel Haggard, Senior Vice President of Asia Pacific Region of U.S. Meat Export Federation
      Joel Haggard chairs Swine Welfare Session and says, USMEF has always been committed to maintaining the trust of consumers, especially in relation to the production and standards of products. In order to maintain this standard, there are six ethical principles, namely, producing healthy food, protecting and promoting animal welfare, and protecting the natural environment, implementing measures to protect public safety, providing employees with a safe working environment, and supporting US pork production. Hope that producers will be able to use best practices for animal farming, which is a promise to the public as well.
Wang Lixian, Researcher of Institute of Animal Sciences of CAAS
      Wang Lixian makes a report on “Genetic Improvement and Animal Welfare”. He says that animal welfare development is urgent and significant in China. For animal welfare improvement, apart from environmental improvement, genetic improvement of welfare traits can also play an important role. In recent years, pig production has been greatly improved through genetic improvement, which has also brought some negative effects. Increased growth rates make pigs more aggressive; higher breeding rates lead to more fights and bullying. Genetic improvement in welfare-friendly traits is more fundamental, which doesn’t require huge structural or management changes. Pig welfare doesn’t contradict with production efficiency. With welfare improvement, the overall production efficiency can be improved as well.
Li Junzhu, Chairman of Oriental Pearl (Zhuhai) Animal Husbandry Development Co., Ltd., well-known practical pig farming specialist
      Li Junzhu makes a report on “Influence of African Swine Fever on Pig Farming in China”. He says that the biggest issue in pig farming is pig disease in China. Pig disease is the main factor for pig farming level in the country.
Gao Jiwei, General Manager of Beijing Kingpeng Husbandry Technology Co., Ltd.
      Gao Jiwei makes a report on “Animal Welfare Manifested in Pig Farm Construction”. He says that animal welfare is necessary for promoting sustainable economic and environmental development.
Yao Yanqing, Executive Vice General Manager of Guangdong Dexing Food Co., Ltd.

      Yao Yanqing makes a report on “Dexing Nordic Farm: An Analysis of Welfare-friendly Farming and Production Efficiency”.
Sun Lihua, Technology Director of CP Group Agro-Industry & Food Business in Northern China Area
      Sun Lihua makes a report on “Welfare-Friendly Farming and Industry Chain Upgrading”. According to her, CP Group is a leader in animal husbandry industry in China. It’s important to continuously absorb and implement advanced concepts at home and abroad.
Luigi Faucitano, Meat Scientist at Sherbrooke Research and Development Centre of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC)
      Luigi Faucitano makes a report on “Handling of Pigs Before Slaughter and Their Effects on Animal Welfare and Meat Quality”. He emphasizes that every procedure before slaughtering is vital for animal welfare and meat quality. In transportation, it’s important to pay close attention to the temperature, time, distance, space and density. It’s also necessary to design climbing and download areas. During the transportation, pig fighting should be avoided.
Ping Hung, Chairman of Anyou Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd.

      Ping Hung makes a report on “Enjoy Pig Farming to Raise Happy Pigs”. He shares how to enjoy pig farming from the perspectives of environmentally-friendly feeds and intelligent pig farming. Intelligent pig farming can improve efficiency and achieve precision pig farming so that waste of feeds and vaccines can be reduced.
Gratien Theriault, Business Development VP at JYGA Technologies (GESTAL feeding systems)
      Gratien Theriault makes a report on “Retrofit Farm For Better Animal Welfare- Canada Retrofit Program”. He shares some successful examples of farm retrofit programs on delivery beds and pregnant sow houses.
Wang Xiuyan, President of Beijing Feed Industry Association
      At the end of the session, a panel discussion is held. Wang Xiuyan chairs the panel discussion. Wei Shudong - Director of Laiwu Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau, Bao Wenbin - Professor of Yangzhou University, Wan Xiqing - Chairman of Beijing Qingquanwan Swine Production Co., Ltd., Meng Fanwei - General Manager of JydenBur. (China), Cheng Xiaofa - General Manager of Huangshan Huizhou Yo-yo Pig Co., Ltd., Jørgen Lindberg – Lianyuangang Swine Breeding Technology Co., Ltd., take part in the panel discussion and discuss on welfare-friendly pig farming practices.
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