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Glimpses of Equine Welfare Session in 2nd WCFA

Release time:2018-12-03

On October 24-25th 2018, the Second World Conference on Farm Animal Welfare, jointly hosted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and China Association for the Promotion of International Agricultural Cooperation, takes place in Beijing.

 Equine Welfare Session
Equine Welfare Session, jointly hosted by the Donkey Sanctuary and World Horse Welfare, is held on October 25th.

 Mike Baker, CEO of the Donkey Sanctuary
Mike Baker, CEO of the Donkey Sanctuary, serves as the Chair of Equine Welfare Session.

Roly Owers, CEO of World Horse Welfare
Roly Owers makes the welcome speech. He says that equine welfare, health and hygiene are closely related.

 Peter Thornber, Professor of University of Queensland
Peter Thornber gives a detailed talk on the requirements of humane slaughter of equines.

Zeng Shenming, Professor of China Agricultural University
Zeng Shenming takes the latest progress in donkey breeding program cooperated with Donge Ejiao Co., Ltd. as an example, and discusses on the reproductive physiological characteristics and reproductive techniques of donkeys in intensive farming conditions.

 Tuohuti•Ajide, Researcher and Leading Expert in Equine Science in the Institute of Animal Husbandry, Xinjiang Academy of Animal Sciences
Tuohuti•Ajide discusses on animal welfare and industry development trend in Xinjiang.
Director of the Jeanne Marchig International Centre for Animal Welfare Education(JMICAWE) of University of Edinburgh Cathy Dwyer
 Cathy Dwyer says that welfare-friendly transportation can help reduce stress in animals. The drivers need to be informed on how to handle the equines and deal with stress reactions, as well as the required space during transportation, feed and drinking requirements, etc.

 Michela Minero, Associate Professor at Department of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Milan 
Michela Minero says that equines are very smart and tough animals, and have been used by humans for over a thousand years. They are multifunctional. They can be used as working animals. Their meat, milk and skin can be consumed. Therefore, equine welfare is very important for the healthy development of the equine industry.

 Zhou Xiangshan, Vice President of Dong-E-E-Jiao Co., Ltd.
Zhou Xiangshan puts forward some concrete data and examples on improving donkey welfare and promoting the healthy development of donkey industry.
 Bao Fuxiang, Lecturer of College of Veterinary Medicine, Inner Mongolia Agricultural University
Bao Fuxiang discusses on experiences in equine veterinary education.
Mr. Roly Owers chairs the panel discussion. Xiao Haixia, Director of Equine Research Department of Xinjiang Animal Husbandry Academy, Guo Wei, Associate Researcher of Harbin Veterinary Research Institute, Faith Burden, Director of Research and Operational Support of The Donkey Sanctuary, Sarah Coombs, Trustee of World Horse Welfare, Lu Shulin, Chairman and Senior Engineer of Gansu Longqi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Zhang Ming, Chairman of Xinjiang Yukunlun Natural Food Engineering Co., Ltd. have a good discussion on equine welfare.
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