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ICCAW Organized Farm Research Tour in Netherlands

Release time:2018-07-05

On June 19 2018, ICCAW organized a research tour of Chinese pig and poultry company representatives in advanced farms in Netherlands.

The pig company representatives visited Denkavit, a specialist in feed for young animals. At DenkaFarm Innovation Centre, the representatives were warmly welcomed. The center is a modern research facility where different types of feed research with piglets and sows are performed. There is room for 260 sows which produce around 8000 piglets a year.
The representatives walked through the visitor’s corridor past the different sections: adaptation room, mating room, gestation room, farrowing room, nursery and digestibility pens. The representatives were highly interested in the advanced technologies demonstrated in the center. In the farrowing room, the temperature is kept at optimum level. Sensor-driven heat lamps ensure the ideal temperature for the newborn piglets in their nests. The space around the nest can have a lower temperature so the sows can get rid of their excess heat. To improve the welfare of the animals, free-farrowing pens are adopted as well.

At the same time, the poultry company representatives toured Kipster, the most animal-friendly and environmentally- friendly poultry farm in the world. In the design of the farm, the chicken is the main focus. It is both aesthetic and functional. The chickens live in a natural wooded environment where there is plenty of variety, daylight and fresh outdoor air inside. An indoor garden has been set up as a playground for the chickens. In the park, there is a lot for the chickens to experience due to the varied planting. The chicken feed originates from residual flows and does not compete with food which could also be suitable for human consumption. 1,078 solar panels on the roof supply more energy than the farm uses…Using common sense and high-quality technology, in Kipster, the chicken is allowed to be a chicken again, and the environment is spared as much as possible.

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