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General Standard of Animal Welfare: Livestock Products

Release time:2018-06-12

Translated from the published article of Economic Information Daily
The symposium on the drafting of a Ministry of the Agriculture standard: “General Standard of Animal Welfare: Livestock Products” is held by China Association for the Promotion of International Agricultural Cooperation in Beijing recently. Livestock experts, producers and retailers from all over the country discuss on livestock products and the development of “General Standard of Animal Welfare”.
In China, livestock production has developed rapidly for the past thirty years. Nowadays, the production quantity has been able to meet domestic demand roughly. With economic development, the pursuit of people has changed from the end of hunger to better, more nutritious and safer food. Therefore, it’s urgent to establish management systems, quality control technical standards and production management rules based on the effects of environmental and management factors on livestock health and product quality in livestock production. Finally, “General Standard of Animal Welfare” can be developed.
Yu Kangzhen, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture, points out at World Conference on Farm Animal Welfare: “Currently, the Chinese livestock industry is facing a critical period of transformation and upgrading. Hence, we must proceed from where China is now, and accelerate the development of technical standards and regulations on animal welfare. We will conduct in-depth scientific animal welfare research, develop standards and regulations and carry out advocacy and promotion in the Chinese context, gradually perfecting animal welfare inspection, assessment and supervision systems.”
The participating representatives think that the standard is the basis of brand building. Only by implementing animal welfare standards and ensuring that animals can have good living conditions can the quality and safety of livestock products be guaranteed. “General Standard of Animal Welfare: Livestock Products” covers animal welfare standard during the production, transportation and slaughtering of livestock, as well as quality control of the end livestock products. According to the participating representatives, the development of the general standard of animal welfare can help improve the safety of livestock products and raise the competitive advantages of Chinese livestock products in international trade.
Dong Hongyan, Director of Standard Department of Agricultural Products Quality & Safety Regulatory Authority, delivers a speech and says that currently, carrying out and promoting animal welfare is meaningful, which can not only promote sustainable development of livestock industry, but also facilitate supply-side reform of livestock industry. The development of “General Standard of Animal Welfare: Livestock Products” will lay a solid foundation for the standardization of animal welfare-friendly products.
Zeng Hao, Director of Beijing Capital Agribusiness Group (CAG) Livestock Development Co., Ltd., says that CAG plays great emphasis on animal welfare, and has started the establishment of an animal welfare demonstration farm. With the assistance of the International Cooperation Committee of Animal Welfare, animal welfare of CAG has developed gradually. It’s the firm belief of CAG that the market for animal welfare-friendly products is promising.

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