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Assessment Meeting on Animal Welfare Standards

Release time:2018-06-12

On June 9th, 2017, the first meeting on animal welfare assessment standards of the poultry industry – “Farm Animal Welfare Requirement for Broilers” and “Farm Animal Welfare Requirement for Egg Hens” was held in Beijing. After the discussion of experts and company representatives, the above mentioned standard drafts were approved as being appropriate for the market, and were practical and important for promoting the development of the poultry industry.
Experts who participated in the drafting process included Professor Bingwang Du of Guangdong Ocean University, Deputy Dean of Animal Science Department of Henan Science University Mr. Tingsheng Xu, Associate Research Fellow of China Animal Health & Epidemiology Center Xiao Xiao, Research Fellow of Institute of Animal Sciences of CAAS Ms. Xianhong Gu, representatives from Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Compassion in World Farming, etc. Professor Jinyu Wang of Yangzhou University chaired the meeting. Chief Scientist of Modern Agricultural Industry Technology System (Broiler Chickens) and Deputy Director of the Institute of Animal Sciences of CAAS Mr. Jie Wen, National Laying Hens System Scientist and Professor of China Agriculture University Professor Zhonghua Ning, Professor Baoming Li of China Agriculture University, Professor Zhengxiang Shi of China Agriculture University, Research Fellow of Institute of Animal Sciences of Beijing Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences Mr. Huagui Liu attended the meeting as examination experts. Besides, representatives from many top Chinese agriculture companies attended the meeting. The two assessment standards would be examined and published by China Association for Standardization.
At the conference, the experts and company representatives took into account the differences between the poultry industry in Northern China and Southern China, different chicken breeds and production systems, and thought that the assessment standard referred to advanced concepts of animal welfare for broiler chickens and laying hens in the west and the actual circumstances in China. The selection and establishment of key statistics was scientifically based and in line with the principles of uniformity, scientificness and practicality. The standard applies to animal welfare management of broiler chickens and laying hens in farming systems and during transport and slaughter.

In establishing the assessment standard, experts, scholars and representatives of top agriculture companies from all over China had a thorough discussion based on the current science and technology level and social and economic circumstances of China. The participants investigated aspects of feeds, water, living conditions, production system management, health, slaughtering, recording and tracking of broiler chickens and laying hens through scientific reasoning. The launching of the standard is of great significance for the sound development of the domestic poultry industry and the safety and quality of broiler chickens and laying hens.

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