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2014 China Animal Welfare Forum

Release time:2018-06-12

On October 11, the 2014 China Animal Welfare Forum on Quality and Safety of Meat and Poultry Products was solemnly held in Beijing. This is the second grand international meeting of animal welfare in China which gathered animal welfare experts, livestock breeding companies, terminal purchasing companies from all over the world to discuss the development path of China animal welfare and the construction of conservation culture. On the forum, Good Pig Production Award was presented to the winners and Good Sheep Production Award and Good Chicken Production Award was firstly launched.

The forum served as a link between the past and future. To follow up the first China Animal Welfare Forum on Quality and Safety of Meat and Poultry Products in last year, the forum this year firstly rewarded and presented the 13 Good Pig Production Award winners who were apprised and elected through the past whole year, among which, 8 pig farming companies formerly went to UK and were presented the award by Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) at Westminster Abbey in London.

Good Pig Production Award was launched by the famous non-governmental organization specialized in farm animal welfare – CIWF. Good Pig Production Award is one of the serial awards - Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards.

International Cooperation Committee of Animal Welfare (ICCAW) introduced Good Pig Production Award into China for the first time. As the executor of the program, ICCAW cooperated with numerous domestic and foreign experts to appraise the applicants. 8 award winners were presented the award in London, which was also a great opportunity for China pig farming companies to stand on an international stage to present real livestock farming situation in China. The superior farms gave the world a brand new impression. UK experts highly praised that “China has the best welfare pig farms”.

Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards program aims to reward market leading animal husbandry companies, processing companies, and sales companies for their current policies or commitments that result in positive impacts on farm  animal welfare in Europe. By now, there are nearly 600 companies around the world received these awards. 2014 Animal Welfare Forum followed up the achievement of the forum in last year and firstly launched Good Sheep Production Award and Good Chicken Production Award. The President of ICCAW, Ms. Xi Chunling said that the launching of these awards will encourage more and more animal husbandry companies to join the membership of promoting animal welfare and improving the sustainable development of ecological environment in China.

The President of China Association for the Promotion of International Agricultural Cooperation (CAPIAC) and the former President of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), Mr. Zhai Huqu highly appreciated the work ICCAW had been done in the opening speech. Mr. Zhai indicated that the main function of the association is constructing a platform to improve the communication and mutual learning between livestock farming experts and companies, to provide China animal husbandry industry an international vision, to produce the most superior meat and poultry products and to provide products with higher quality and safety.

Vice director of Ministry of Agriculture Department of Animal Production, Mr. Wang Zongli congratulated the great success of the forum. He emphasized that the promoting of farm animal welfare is a good way to improve the quality of meat product, the safety of food product and the sustainable development of ecological environment. It is necessary to further promote animal welfare to popularize this animal farming mode.

During the discussion part on the forum, Director of International Campaigns of World Animal Protection, Mr. Steve McIvor, CEO of CIWF, Mr. Philip Lymbery, Professor of Chungbuk National University, Mr. Song Man Kang, Regional Program Director of World Animal Protection, Mr. Rob Gregory,  Managing Director of Midland Pig Producers Ltd., Mr. Martin Barker, Sustainability Manager of IKEA, Mr. Anders Lennartsson delivered masterly speech separately on topics: Helping Animals, Helping People – Animal Welfare and Food Safety; Why Animal Welfare matters to Chinese Society; Strategy to strengthen the competiveness of beef cattle industry in Korea; High Welfare Pig Breeding in China; Reducing Stress to Increase Profit – how  to do it; Engaging stakeholders is key to raising standards in animal welfare.These significant reports let more companies within the industry have a better understand the close relationship between animal welfare breeding, quality of meat and poultry products and the construction of conservation culture.

The meeting hall was filled with rational and pragmatic atmosphere. Experts from animal husbandry companies like Chuying Group, Fuchuan Fodder Technology Co., Ltd. and Jixing Group discussed how to apply animal welfare in the whole animal farming chain. Terminal Purchasing companies like HNA Group, Shanghai Yuexing Estates Group and Beijing Xingbazuo Restaurant Investment Co., Ltd discussed how to layout animal welfare at industry terminal. Through the deep communication between purchasing companies, animal husbandry companies, animal farming experts and experts from China Quality Mark Certification Group, there were many constructive opinions and suggestions emerging on the forum.

The forum was a platform constructed by ICCAW for the international communication of animal welfare, which inspired and influenced the animal farming concept of many attended company representatives. These animal farming specialists who work at the front line of animal farming industry expressed that they will explore the welfare animal farming mode in a wider range, to provide products with higher quality to customers, to improve the development of China animal farming industry to keep pace with higher level animal farming in the world and to improve the construction of conservation culture in China.

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