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The First Farm Animal Welfare Promotion Award Launching Ceremony 

Release time:2018-06-12

As the improvement of living standard, food quality has become a focus of concern for the public in China. How to control and monitor food quality from the source?

The only way to achieve high level of food quality is to raise the public awareness on far animal welfare. On the morning of June 20, 2014, the First Farm Animal Welfare Promotion Award Launching Ceremony was held at Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. It is the first public benefit award on farm animal welfare in China which was jointly held by World Animal Protection (WAP), Chinese Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) and China Association for the Promotion of International Agricultural Cooperation (CAPIAC).

As the first public benefit award on farm animal welfare in China, the Farm Animal Welfare Promotion Award aims to cite the enterprises, organizations and individuals who devoted to improving farm animal welfare and made outstanding achievements. Through awarding, all sectors of society will be united to raise public awareness on animal welfare and animal protection and to improve animal welfare in China.

Vice Secretary General of Chinese Veterinary Medical Association, Mr. Wang Jinluo delivered a speech on the ceremony. He said that the nature of animal welfare is the caring for animals, which would benefit humans ultimately and could be regarded as the caring for humans themselves.

In the following speech, China Representative of World Animal Protection, Mr.Zhao zhonghua mentioned that animal welfare is closely related to the challenges human beings faced, such as food safety, public health, environment protection, Climate change, Poverty reduction and disaster preparedness, etc. Mr. Zhao indicated that there are 3 main misunderstandings of animal welfare among the public: confusing the definition of animal welfare and animal right, believing that animal welfare is against human welfare and think the concept of animal welfare was first introduced into China from the western world. However, the records of concepts on animal welfare could trace back to the pre-Qin period. He hope that through the mass media, the public could understand that the core idea of animal welfare is to treat animals well.

Executive President of International Cooperation Committee (ICCAW), Ms. Xi Chunling said:” The launching of this award is significant to the promotion of animal welfare in China. It marks the foundation of the first award on animal welfare in China.” She mentioned that according to the results of 2014 China Survey on Public Awareness of Animal Welfare, which was launched by ICCAW and authorized by World Animal Protection, 94.6% of the public in China support animal welfare. Through the promotion of the award, animal welfare will be accepted even widely in China.

Professor Gu Xianhong, who has engaged in animal welfare for 20 years, introduced the current achievements on the promotion of animal welfare in China. The Standards on farm animal welfare have been published and the related science programs have been launched.

Whereafter, President of Animal Health and Welfare Association in Chinese Veterinary Medical Association, Mr. Chang Zhigang, China Representative of World Animal Protection, Mr. Zhao zhonghua and Executive President of International Cooperation Committee (ICCAW), Ms. Xi Chunling announced the official launch of Farm Animal Welfare Promotion Award.

During the rest of the ceremony, organizers held talks with media reporters on farm animal welfare and answered questions from the media reporters. Mr. Chang Zhigang expressed the willingness of improving the level of animal health and epidemic prevention, enhancing the quality competitiveness and of animal derived food products and guaranteeing the food safety and public health through the launching of this award when answering the questions from media reporters.

In the end, Secretary General of Animal Health and Welfare Association in Chinese Veterinary Medical Association, Mr. Jia Zili, as the host of the ceremony, appealed the media to participate in the public appraising and electing of the award and to playing an important role of promotion.

The launching of the award marks a new beginning of the animal welfare promotion in China.

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