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Expert: Junzhu Li

Release time:2017-06-05

Junzhu Li,Male,boin in January,1962.
Current Position: General manager, chief pig expert, trainer
Educational Background: Jinzhou Veterinary School
Field of Research: Veterinary medicine – livestock, large-scale pig production
Organization: China Large-scale Pig Production Consulting Firm

Professional Experiences:
Served as the first factory manager of the pig production company of Guangdong Wen's Foodstuff Group.
Got promoted to assistant general manager and manager of the Production & Technology Department.
Trained in an intensive Japanese pig farm for a year when I served as the factory director of Nongkentieling Pig Company in Liaoning Province.
Served as general manager of Pig Production Department of Da Bei Nong Group (Beijing).
Served as dean of the Pig Breeding Department of Farmer’s University.
Founded China Large-scale Pig Production Consulting Firm, and served as a senior consultant of Da Bei Nong Group (Beijing), Shenzhen Jinxinnong Technology Company, Guangdong Wen's Foodstuff Group, Tang Ren Shen Group, etc. in 2011
Founded “China Pig Industry High-level Exchange Forum”, and “China Pig Industry Zhuhai Summit” and served as president of the organizing committee in 2015,
A member of the first and second Executive Council of National Swine Industry Association CAAA, China, chief founder of Large-scale Pig Factory Management System, editor of Large-scale Pig Factory Management Handbook.
Published nearly a hundred of articles in Swine Production and served as an editor for Pigs Today, Swine Industry Science, Large-scale Pig Production, etc.
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