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Expert: Dongsheng He

Release time:2017-06-05

Dongsheng He,Ph D., Postdoctoral Researcher in US. Professor in South China Agricultural University(SCAU). Chief scientist of swine diseases in Guangdong Province. Director of South China Animal Diseases Inspection Center(SCADIC).  Major: Prevention and control of Swine Diseases, veterinary epidemic diseases inspection, molecular virology, etc.

Professional Experience
Working in SCAU since 1992.
Acquired Ph.D in 1998.
Postdoctoral research in USA Virginia Commonweal Univ. in 2001-02 and visiting scholar in 2016-07 in Uinv.Connecticut,USA.
Hosted 13 projects from National, MOA, Provincial funds, Published 180 papers.
Two patents and twelve Science-Tech Awards Winners from Provincial, MOE and MOA.
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