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CAPIAC Convenes Fifth General Assembly

Release time:2018-06-12

(ICCAW, March 19, 2018) China Association for Promotion of International Agricultural Cooperation (CAPIAC) convenes the 5th general assembly in Beijing on March 19, 2018. The officials from agricultural organizations of China were present at the general assembly, including CAAS President Zhai Huqu, CAAS Vice President Wu Kongming, Deputy Diretor-General Zhao Changbao of Ministry of Agriculture for Policy and Law, Party Secretary Wei Qi of Rural Economic Research Center of the Ministry of Agriculture, Party Secretary Wang Zongli of China Animal Health and Epidemiology Center, Former Associate Editor-in-Chief Lv Mingyi of Farmers’ Daily, CAPIAC Secretary-General and Chief Economist of China Development Agricultural Investment Management Co., Ltd. Zhao Yutian, Former Chief Wang Peizhi of Jilin Quality Inspection and Supervision Bureau, Vice President of CAPIAC and president of ICCAW Xi Chunling.
The conference was well received by the participants including academician council members and of subnational organization members and business representatives.
The conference was chaired by Vice President Lv Mingyi and completed the key agendas of reviewing the work report of 4th Council, reviewing the articles of association amendments and membership fee rules and reelecting the Council.
Secretary-General Zhao Yutian delivered the 2017 work report of the 4th Council that presented a brief review on the results, problems and weaknesses of last year and the recommendations for the incoming term of the Council.
Bureau Chief Gong Xifeng of CAAS for international cooperation announced the list of 140 candidates for the first batch of council members and executive council members of the 5th term and gave notes to the new membership fee rules.
The conference elected Zhai Huqu as president, Wu Kongming, Song Hongyuan (director of Rural Economic Research Center of Ministry of Agriculture), Wang Zongli, Lv Mingyi, Wang Junqun (deputy director-general for Animal Husbandry of Ministry of Agriculture) and Zhao Yutian as vice president of the new term of the Council. Xi Chuanling was elected as vice president and secretary-general and legal representative of the Council and Ayongxi (Ayoshi) (ICCAW’s secretary-general), Wei You (secretary-general of Tea Industry Committee) and Li Li (director of general department) was elected as vice secretary-general.
Party Group Secretary Wei Qi of Rural Economic Research Center of Ministry of Agriculture extended congratulations to the newly-elected leaders of the Council and praised the social function and excellent performance of CAPIAC, and highlighted the purpose and significance of international agricultural cooperation. He stressed that the State Council Office’s comments on policy guidelines for enhanced international agricultural cooperation in the context of New Era shall be implemented and the leading principle of Xi Jinping thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics for new era shall be upheld; and with combined strategy of Going Global and Introducing FDI and maximized use of domestic and foreign market resources, international agricultural cooperation shall stay enterprise-based and market-oriented for improved agricultural opening-up strategic layout and faster formation of interlinked policy system that facilitates both domestic and foreign agricultural trade.
President Zhai Huqu highlighted the good results and problems in the last year’s work of CAPIAC and urged it to play continuing leadership role as industry association, with the direction aligned to the national agricultural policies, achieve a good performance in the work on promoting outbound investments, foreign exchanges and exports of China’s agricultural sector.
Secretary-General Xi Chunling noted that CAPIAC has been working hard on linking the government and enterprises for promoting international cooperation and exchanges, creating international business opportunities for Chinese agricultural enterprises to access international markets and facilitate global brand building; and based on good results of former leadership, CAPIAC will bring its role and strength into full play to act as good facilitator and contribute to the growth of businesses and national economic and social development.
CAPIAC owes its achievements in part to the support of all members, and will continue close partnership with all members and make consistent efforts to advance healthy, efficient and sustainable development of China’s agricultural sector.

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