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ICCAW Invited to FAO-Sponsored OBOR Agricultural Cooperation

Release time:2018-06-12

(ICCAW, January 17, 2018) The FAO-sponsored agricultural cooperation seminar in the OBOR context was held in Beijing to explore how to bring FAO’s role into full play in serving the OBOR initiative and for in-depth discussions on the issues facing agricultural enterprises in the implementation of OBOR initiative.
The opening ceremony was chaired by Yao Xingjun, FAO Asia-Pacific Program Director. Vincent Martin, FAO representatives resident in China and DPRK delivered the keynote speech titled The Role and Impact of Agricultural Infrastructure Construction and Agricultural Investment on Rural Development and Poverty Reduction. Deputy Director-General Ma Hongtao delivered the report titled International Agricultural Cooperation in the Context of OBOR Initiative. She noted that the principles for agricultural cooperation under the OBOR framework are upholding policy coordination, seeking common interests and maximized benefits, setting key products, industries and regions for cooperation with respect to market operation and market rules, bringing enterprises to front and center; adhering to service-oriented government function and improve policy and legal system environment for enhanced trade and investment facilitation; upholding green and sharing philosophy combined with the FAO sustainable development agendas 2030 for building the green silk road; and upholding mutually beneficial cooperation and respect interests of all parties concerned for bringing advantages of respective parties into full play for steady progress of cooperation.
The experts from FAO and agricultural organizations of China and some business leaders also gave wonderful speeches at the seminar.
President Xi Chunling and Secretary-General Ayongi (Ayoshi) of ICCAW attended the seminar with invitation. Some 134 representatives from FAO and academic institutions, media agencies, provincial agricultural authorities and enterprises in China also attended the seminar.

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