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International Seminar on Poultry Welfare

Release time:2018-06-12

(ICCAW, March 15, 2018) International seminar on poultry welfare was held in Hangzhou on March 15, 2018. The representatives of Perdue University, Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China Southwest University, Zhejiang University of Agricultural Sciences and Nova-Tech Inc. of US attended the seminar. ICCAW’s Secretary-General Ayongxi (Ayoshi) also attended the seminar upon invitation and delivered the presentation titled The Animal Welfare in China.
Secretary-General Ayongxi briefed the animal welfare developments in China. He noted that animal welfare business has achieved rapid progress in China since 2013. ICCAW has been relentlessly committed to this endeavor in formulating standards, launching forum and introducing awards and building domestic and foreign animal welfare bases and subscribed all players in animal farming and related industries to join this efforts and had made animal welfare become the hot topic among animal farming industry. Specifically, regarding the focus of this seminar, beak trimming, Secretary-General Ayongxi stated that in the context of current production practices, it is infeasible to ban beak trimming in the mass egg-layer chicken farm. That’s why the Farm Animal Welfare Requirements for Egg-layer Chickens and Farm Animal Welfare Requirements for Meat-type Chickens formulated by ICCAW and issued by China Standardization Association in 2017 state as follows: It is recommended that the beak trimming of chickens shall be carried out on the same day of being hatched with infrared techniques by trained operators who are animal welfare-minded and the beak trimming time shall be minimized.
All participants of the seminar commented that above viewpoints are important and will have guiding effect on the research and production activities.

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