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Best Genetic Group

Release time:2017-01-09

Best Genetic Group ("BGG") with "Innovator of Chines healthy pork" as company’s goal is formed by Mrs. Monita Mo and Mr.Anthony Mo in 2011. After 3 years development, Chifeng BGG Nucleus Breeding Pig Model Site, Sanxi Partnership Farm and Pinggu Beijing Black Pig Farm were successfully built as a sound foundation for Chinese top breeding pig and pig farming industry.

As pioneer in nucleus breeding pig farming, utilizing industrialization ideas, work flow management and data dependent results as fundamental farming systems, BGG will lead China Pig Farming to a new level. Additionally, persistent awareness in green environmental protection and healthy production, BGG will provide Chinese clients with world class top quality breeding pigs and related resources. With BGG knowledge and resources, and government support and cooperation, we can together turn pig farming industry into an economic power house benefiting all pig farmers, making food safety a past event, providing every Chinese family safe and healthy food and making China self-support in safe and healthy food policy a success.
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