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Beijing Wanyukaisheng T&D Co.,Ltd

Release time:2017-01-09

Beijing Wanyukaisheng T&D Co.,Ltd, located at Fuhai Building,Haidiandistrict. We are the  sole operator in greater China authorized by Danish Clean Water("DCW") .

All DCW generators are manufactured to the highest standards of engineering excellence. Our strategy is to develop fully automated ECA generators, based on a plug and play philosophy to secure an optimal reliable operation. In the Danish tradition of environmental responsibility all DCW ECA generators are designed to leave least possible negative impact on theenvironment. Our ECA generators produce the disinfectant liquid NEUTHOX, whichis highly efficient in removing dangerous bacteria and biofilm. An ECA generator from Danish Clean Water can help you save energy and water as it allows water to be recycled and some processes to be carried out at lower temperatures.
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