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Hunchun the Jixing Mu Co., Ltd.

Release time:2017-01-06

Hunchun the Jixing Mu Co., Ltd. established on October8, 2005, the registered capital of 500 million yuan. Company in Hunchunborder economic cooperation zone plate Shiying Lin Station Taiyanggou,, within5 km radius of the industrial zone, three kilometers residential areas, watermountain spring water, natural environment, no pollution, suitable for theproduction of pollution-free products. The company is mainly engagedmainly for keeping Yanbian cattle, for cultivation, animal feed and green basecharacteristics.Yanbian cattle meat and bone is high protein, low fat, lowcholesterol, tender meat, unique flavor, delicious, cattle leader in China'sfive local varieties, in line with national pollution-free green productstandards "by the consumer of all ages.

At present, the company' sexisting woodland of 305 hectares, 880 hectares of land for grazing, feed 210hectares of arable land, barn four hectares of land, housing 10,000 square feet of office and ancillary space over 2000 square feet.

Companies operating in the marketing one-stop production, feed production, cattle breeding, to the processing and marketing and other aspects of animal products, strict implementation of the national pollution-free green product standards. The company has its own forage, forage, cow dung as fertilizer of high quality protein and sugar content is higher than other corn stalks of corn seeds, planting suitable for the growth of green feed of Yanbian cattle. On cattlebreeding, the company relies on the research results of the AgriculturalCollege of Yanbian University, scientific feeding, shepherding, combined withsilage feeding methods, feeding cattle meat is delicate, unique flavor,delicious, high nutritional value majority of consumers of allages.Product processing and marketing, strict inspection system to ensurehealthy, fresh meat products into the market, the quality and quantity so thatcustomers eat meat. The company has a meat store, the state awarded the"Yanbian cattle designated point-of-sale.

The company closely rely on the special geographical advantages, make full use of this valuable resourcein Yanbian cattle, the development of animal husbandry, people-oriented, forge ahead, and strive to expand the production scale. Operating on theimplementation of brand strategy, the production of high-quality products, open up the market to the brand, and to strive products into other cities and surrounding Russia, South Korea, the DPRK and other countries, the company became the leading enterprises in the region influential export-oriented.

Cattle base of thecompany is now the state as a "national standardization of Yanbian cattle production demonstration base", was named the key leading enterprise ofthe industry in Jilin Province. The company produces the "ChangbaiHong" brand Yanbian beef as a famous brand in Yanbian, 2008, the companypassed the GB/T19001-2000idt ISO 9001:2000 quality management system certification. Plans for the future development of the company will be thebase cattle main road of industrialization, increase the number of cattlestorage, building a meat processing plant, the introduction of state-of-the-artfood processing equipment and in line with the standards of environmental protection equipment to produce high-quality beef food, create their ownbrand. To contribute to the development of Yanbian cattle business.
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