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Sichuan Tianruirenhe Ecological Farming Development Group Co

Release time:2017-01-09

Sichuan Tianruirenhe Ecological Farming Development Group Co., Ltd. (“STEFDG”) was established in February 2012. The breeding plant of Tianruirenhe Group is located at the cat ditch Ecological Park, Shuyan village, Wusheng county, Guang'an city, Sichuan province. There are basic sow around 2300 and annual pig slaughter around 23000. STEFDG pays great attention to the concepts of animal welfare and adopt concepts of high animal welfare to breed their pigs.

STEFDG adheres to the ecological and healthy production way. There is a special architectural concept to achieve the whole industry chain organic recycling economic model, zero pollution, zero emissions, intensification, saving farmland, achieve a healthy and sustainable modern agriculture and animal husbandry with good economic generalization. 
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