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ICCAW Leaders Visited FAO China Office

Release time:2018-06-12

On August 10th 2015, President of International Cooperation Committee of Animal Welfare (ICCAW) Xi Chunling and Secretary General of ICCAW Ayongxi group visited Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) China Office and had a meeting with China, DPR Korea and Mongolia Representative of FAO Mr. Percy Misika, Assistant Repesentative Mr. Zhang Zhongjun.

Mr. Misika expressed his welcome and gratitude for the visit of ICCAW group. He said that animal welfare is a frequently discussed hot topic of the world. In the past, developing countries, including China, tended to focus on the production volume and the productivity of agriculture, especially of animal husbandry, and paid less attention on animal welfare, due to the relatively backward technology and the lack of professionals and funds. However, with the continuous development of productivity and the level of production, more and more governments and the public began to see the importance of animal welfare. More and more people began realizing that animal welfare is not solely about the animal health, food safety and environment protection, but also plays a crucial role in impacting the sustainable development of agriculture and international trade. Misika strongly emphasized that animal welfare has already become a non-tariff trade barrier, effecting worldwide foreign trades of livestock products.
The fact that China has a professional organization working on farm animal welfare with its sole focus on promoting animal welfare concept and animal welfare production techniques among producers, indicating that China has taken a new step in the development of animal welfare.

Ever since its establishment, ICCAW was aiming to promote animal welfare production system among producers, provide the latest information in this field to the government and popularize and propagate animal welfare concept and scientific facts. President Xi said it is true that we’ve encountered some difficulties in the process. For example, the public always misunderstand the meaning of the word “animal welfare” or confusing animal rights to animal welfare. Nonetheless, ICCAW has received recognition and support from experts and scholars in all circles and extensive producers. The animal husbandry industry in China is currently under adjustment and transition. The government has confirmed the guiding principle, which is to improve the healthy and sustainable development of animal husbandry industry, meanwhile, guarantee the quality and safety of livestock and poultry products, protect the environment, improve the competitiveness of the products in the market and increase the income of producers. Even though there is no legislation on animal welfare in China yet, producers are having growing needs to improve the animal welfare standards and scientific and advanced animal welfare production techniques. Providing assistance to the sustainable development of China animal husbandry industry through the jointly efforts of ICCAW, companies and experts is a vision of ICCAW.

Mr. Misika said that FAO is definitely willing to aide and support China on animal welfare issues, and by means of communicating through government departments, to be able to cooperate with China under the existing collaboration frameworks. FAO hopes to work along with China government, organizations working on animal welfare in China like ICCAW, and experts, scholars and the public in all circles, to achieve breakthroughs on animal welfare in China.
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